Water Flow Detection - Find The Leaks Before Its Get Too Late

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A flood can cause as little as several centimetres of water to as much as several feet. No matter the size of your flood, the flood damage cleaning process is fundamentally exactly the same.

In deeper ponds that use liners, all the waste material accumulates on the base and rots, creating ammonia that is certainly hazardous to fish and other aquatic life and settles. Because little giant water pumps are located near the outer edge of the pond and not in the middle on the bottom, maximum efficient circulation cannot be reached. This creates noxious uncertain areas in the pond's bottom. Most liner ponds I Have seen are only 24" deep, and circulation isn't an issue in these cases. Nevertheless, koi fish aren't recommended in these kinds of ponds; koi experts advocate a depth of at least 3 feet.

After locating the pump and then the pit, unplug the sump pump grinder from the nearby factory outlet. Next, unscrew the flat screws located on the Check Valve installed in the white plastic conduit extending upwards.

Start with loosening the slip nut which joins the drain pipe to the bottom of the basket. You can do this with your bare hands. But if the slip nut will not budge, you will have to use a pair of water removal pump pliers. Remove it from the end of the conduit, once it's loosened. The drain pipe, twists to the side.

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